1) On what principles does Fatima's Old Age Home work?

Fatima Old Age Home is a secular Old Age Home ensuring safety, security, and respect of senior citizens.

2) Why we must choose Fatima Old Age Home?

Fatima Old Age Home works really hard to make sure that its residents lead a comfortable life and get an opportunity to live in a carefree environment.

3) Is healthy food provided in your old age home?

Fatima Old Age Home provides healthy, hygienic, nutritious, and balanced meals to its residents.

4) Do you have a special medical team for routine health checkups?

Fatima Old Age Home has a team of competent doctors and nurses who work round the clock.

5) What are the special features available during a medical emergency?

During a medical emergency, prompt and timely medical care is available.

6) Is there any alternative transport available in case of an emergency like an ambulance?

Free ambulance service is available on call.

7) When will my family members be informed in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, family members will be informed immediately.

8) What are the provisions made for the comfort of people who cannot walk?

Walking track and assistance is available for walking.

9) What is the procedure to enroll in your old age home?

Fatima Old Age Home provides shelter to destitute senior citizens with legal documentation.

10) Can I ask for special facilities at any time?

The residents are provided special facilities based on the availability of resources.

11) Do you have a healthy and clean environment?

Fatima Old Age Home ensures the provision of a healthy and clean environment.

12) Do you organize outing tours?

Fatima Old Age Home frequently organizes outing tours.

13) Are grandchildren allowed to visit and how long can they stay in the old age home?

Fatima Old Age Home allows visitors between 11 am to 7 pm.

14) Can I have a guest staying over?

I am sorry, no guests are allowed to stay overnight. This policy is implemented to ensure that there isn’t any kind of disturbance for elderly people.