Aims & Objectives

To establish and run necessary organizations such as old age homes for destitute and needy, women welfare homes, etc to ensure social security to the citizens.
To provide free counseling for children of senior citizens who have disputes in their families and resolve their problems.
To provide free counseling and shelter to the girl child, young women, and women who are desperate, lonely, suicidal, subject to domestic violence and through a personal crisis and in imminent danger of taking their own lives.
To organize social awareness programs like global aging, girl child education, global warming awareness, aids awareness, domestic violence, etc among the public.
To organize self-employment training and program for the needy girl child, young women and women such as computer training, skills training, etc.
To organize sports etc., and to hold competitions, etc to promote the girl child.
To organize, conduct medical health and rehabilitation camps.
To invest and promote income generation programs through training, manufacturing farming, etc.

To bring environmental awareness and help in the projects of the plantation, afforestation, waste management, water conservation, promote rainwater harvesting, wasteland reclamation, and recycling, etc.


To do relief work during natural calamities and also start relief centers and food, medical clothes, etc distribution centers.